Mustache Magazine is a bold new fashion publication centered. as well as accessibly sourced clothing ranging from aspiring designers and thrift stores to established labels and showrooms. Mustache aims to empower aspiring and established artists to express themselves through fashion art.

Do you want to showcase your work by publishing it on Mustache? For submissions, send your material to [email protected]

All material on the site is the property of either Contributor or the individual artists who hold the exclusive rights to its use and distribution. Feel free to share their work, but always name the source and a link to their individual websites. For any commercial purpose, it is mandatory to contact the photographers or artists for permission.

Please also note that Mustache is a HOMME creative digital platform that shows creative images from photographers and other talents. Mustache do not own any rights to the photos, the photographer is the owner of the images. By submitting and getting published you agree to have your images published on

You also agree with our creative guidelines: 1\ Everybody taking part of the fashion shoot has agreed to be published on

2\ All models are over 18 years old by the time of publishing. 3\ Mustache Magazine has the right to publish the selection of images that the creative team thinks fits with the esthetics of Mustache Magazine.

Print Content

Send LOW RES previews of all fashion editorial with team and styling credits in a medium resolution PDF file.

This should include (where eligible) Photographer, Art Director, Models, Models Agency Stylist, MUA/H, Set Stylist, Graphic Team, Assistants Names and Instagram handles.

Fashion stories require a minimum of six (6) images, three (3) looks, styled in minimum of three (3) different designer brands for consideration, unless the editorial story requires less looks in order to convey the message. All wardrobe credits need to be clearly stated according to file name, listed as “File Name, ITEM: Designer.”

Only exclusive editorials that have not been published online, on social media in other magazine or on any digital platforms will be considered.

Online Content

Mustache’s online content consists of fashion and beauty web editorials, fashion video, interactive editorials, as well as celebrity and artist interviews. The content is driven towards providing an outlet for natural beauty and creative styling.